My story starts today

This is the story of my teaching career over the last 35 years. I started teaching in 1979 and always had a love-hate relationship with my job. Strictly speaking you can’t call it just a job because nobody will be willing to do it without feeling some kind of calling in your heart to be a teacher.

At the moment I’m a part time Maths teacher in a temporary post. Part time means I only  go to school for the 3 classes that I teach. Temporary means I’m relieving in another teacher’s place. (Incidentally a friend of mine who has cancer and is very ill.)

Today I marked my Grade 9 class tests and 10 of the 25 pupils achieved a mark higher than 80% There were 4 full marks. It feels far removed from the current education crisis of catastrophic proportions that everyone is talking about.

But it exists and like Prof Jonathan Jansen says; “WE NEED TO ACT!”

 My story starts today….